Are you seeing clients in person?

We are currently seeing clients in person and via Telehealth.  We are located in Great Neck, N.Y.

Do you accept insurance?

We are out-of-network which means we do not accept insurance directly. However, we help our clients with reimbursement process providing you with a monthly receipt. In my experience, most of my clients are reimbursed for 60% to 80% for the cost of their sessions if they have out-of-network mental health coverage. To know if your insurance policy has such out-of-network coverage you will need to contact the members number listed on your insurance card. Ask if you have out-of-network benefits, if there is a deductible, if deductible is met, and what percentage the insurance will reimburse. We will supply you with claims and bills to submit and then you can get reimbursed!

How do I get started?

Please call or email to schedule a 15 minute free consultation.  Then we will schedule an appointment that is convenient for us both.

How long is a session?

Sessions last 45 minutes.

How do you accept payment?

We accept Venmo, Zelle, credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), or cash/check if in person.